Biggio to hang up the spikes at the end of the season

July 24, 2007 § Leave a comment

Craig Biggio announced today that he will retire at the end of this season. Biggio has said all along that he had a plan and when the time was right he would let everyone know. I respect that from a player and I think it is the right way to handle it. Biggio had goals this season and he has accomplished some very big things in his career. Most people dont realize that Biggio actually was a catcher before he became a second baseman. Becoming a second baseman was perhaps what has really made his career what it is today. Biggio’s great career may not have even lasted this long had he remained a catcher. I think a lot of us saw that Biggio’s retirement would be coming this year. Its gonna be hard to watch Biggio play in his final game at the end of the season. I remember watching Biggio as I have grown up and I have always respected him. As everyone always says “Biggio plays baseball the way it should be played” and that is the truth. Biggio said that he will probobly keep his uniform on all day the last game of his career because “once you take off the uniform off its off”. Biggio is a great baseball player who has accomplished a lot in his career and most recently got his 3000th hit. Craig also does so much off the field with working with “the sunshine kids”. The Sunshine Kids are dedicated to children with cancer, and Biggio works very closely with them and they mean so much to him. In all this is gonna be sad day for so many Astros fans and baseball fans in general. I wish Biggio the best in the rest of the season and we all know the hall of fame is where Biggio will end up.
Craig Biggio


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